7 Reasons To Use A Blockchain Domain

7 Reasons To Use A Blockchain Domain

  • Purchasing A Crypto Domain Is Cost Effective
  • Once You Purchase Your Domain Name You Own It For Ever
  • You Manage Your Content And No One Else
  • You Can Attach Your Own Blog To Your Domain Name
  • You Can Upload Your Own HTML Website To Your Domain
  • Your Website Can Be Access On Both Mobile And Desktop
  • You Can Setup Your Domain To Receive Crypto Payments

Reason #1-Cost Effective!

How many times you have to put down a website because of hardship? Let's face it! It takes time before you can monetize a website. It does not matter if you running a blog or an e-commerce website. All website take time before it become well known. On top of that, you need a small budget to keep your website online.

Depending on which platform you're using your small budget could be monthly or yearly. Well, all it takes for your website to off the grid is a simple lost of income. All lost of income require cut back. Well, If you have to cut back between a life of death situation and your just launched website which is not even well known, I'm pretty sure you will let the website go.

Well, guess right, with a blockchain domain and/or website you no longer have to worry about the expensive cost. Your blockchain domain name is a smart investment which protect you from sending your crypto to the wrong wallet address. How cool is that? You can click here now to learn more!

Reason #2-Own It Forever!

A blockchain domain gives you true peace of mind knowing that you don't have to worry about remembering your wallet address. That peace of mind gives you time to work on any crypto project or idea that you are working on. Invite friends, family, and/or colleagues to see your project. Share your crypto wallet domain name with them and let them pay you using that method. That way you have confidence that the system works.

Reason #3-Manage Your Content!

A blockchain domain name or website makes you the sole owner of your content. Only you can decide to take it offline and nobody else. If you are a video producer and you a lot of sensitive content that can get the big video platform guys pissed then it's probably not a good idea to use their platform, right? Well, now you can own your own platform to share those sensitive, controversial, mind blowing contents. This option is optional but available for those that need it.

Reason #4-Your Own Blog!

Adding to the idea of creating your own content is the blog feature that come with your blockchain domain. If you are a blogger than now it's easier than ever to launch your own blog on the blockchain. Now, this is truly the freedom of speech in action. share your ideas and thoughts without censoring.

Reason #5-HTML Is Accepted

If you are a website designer and you know about HTML coding than now you have a platform where you can test your coding online. It's you own platform not someone else. You can run your own coding project and see how it looks before you launch it for the public. The sky is the limit.

Reason#6-Mobile or Desktop

Did you know that your website can also be access not only on desktop but also on mobile phone. Yes, you heard me right! All blockchain website are accessible to the opera browser which can installed on both desktop and mobile phone. Which mean your website is also accessible on both platforms.

Reason #7-Receive Crypto Payments

I have reserved the best for last! Are you ready for this? I bet you are! Your crypto domain name is also a mean for you to receive payments or donations in crypto. Do you run a donation based website? Or do you produce content where you might need help from your viewers? What if you could give your viewer this link yourdomain.crypto instead of this =>xergfafbvmvbkj jvfafdgadfgjndgfjgdb(not a real wallet)?

Also, what is that one link can be use to receive payment from any crypto. Think about it! You give our one link and able your viewers, supporters, or customers to pay or send donation using their favorite crypto and your domain name know how to redirect those payment into your different wallet. Now, you tell me if that would not make your life easier.

If you would like to learn more about getting your own blockchain domain name then click this link. We look forward to help you get setup.



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